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The Certification of telecommunication equipment Regulation
The Certification of telecommunication equipment regulation in Indonesia refer on the Ministry of Communication and Information (Permen Kominfo ) No. . 29 of 2008. The regulation consists of 11 chapters and 43 chapters , published on September 9, 2008 and signed by the Minister of Communications and Information Technology of United Indonesia Cabinet , Prof.Mohammad Nuh .

Determination No. Kominfo PERMEN . 29 of 2008 as the primary regulatory certification of telecommunication equipment in Indonesia was motivated by the assumption that the view that the Minister of Transportation Regulation No. KM 10 Year 2005 on Telecommunication Equipment Certification is still not able to accommodate provisions that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the certification process and tools telecommunications equipment in Indonesia. The main objectives to be achieved from the certification process equipment and communication devices are essentially set and included in that Regulation. 52 of 2000 , as follows :
• Provide security in the telecommunications network connectivity is available .
• Prevent interference between telecommunication equipment.
• Provide consumer protection efforts of the loss caused by the use of telecommunication equipment.
• Stimulate the development of industry, innovation, and national telecommunications engineering technology. 

Certification Process
Definition of the certification process is according to Article 1 No. PERMEN Kominfo . 29 The year 2008 was all processes related to certification. Certificates are documents that contain the type of equipment as well as the suitability of telecommunications equipment to the requirements of a technical nature and standards set. The core of the certification process is the verification of the fulfillment of the technical requirements of the various tools and Telecommunication equipment certification process . The telecommunication equipment includes three stages for certification, testing and issuance of certificates. Certification process telecommunication equipment is monitored by the Conformity Assessment Board.

Telecommunication Equipment
Telecommunication tools are the tools that are used in telecommunications equipment, while the definition of telecommunications equipment is a bunch of tools that allow telecom telecommunications processes . Tools and telecommunications equipment referred to in Article 2 No. Kominfo PERMEN . 29 of 2008 consists of four groups: group network , access groups , customer groups as well as groups of instruments and devices supporting telecommunications equipment .
• The group is a group of network equipment and telecommunications equipment that is placed in the main network ( core network ) .
• Access Group is a group of tools and telecommunications equipment that is placed in between the main network and terminal as well as between the main network.
• The group is a group of tools customers the tools and telecommunications equipment that is placed at the end of the access network .
• The group supporting telecommunications equipment and devices is a group of tools and telecommunications equipment which is used as supporting the various telecommunication equipment. 

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