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 We help overseas company to obtain SNI Certificate......... We,SAS-INDONESIA is offering our service to apply SNI Marking and Certification is Quick and Easy….We have rich experiences to Apply SNI-Marking according to Indonesian Regulations, some time it's called by SPPT-SNI,SNI Standard,SNI Marking or SNI Certificate.

Now, we are offering our service to help overseas companies to apply SNI Marking and Certification , with SNI Marking and Certification, it’s make you free to Export your products to Indonesia and by Applying SNI Marking is only the way to reach Indonesia Market because when you have marking of SNI in your products, it’s mean your products have satisfied to SNI Standard.

So many overseas companies got problem when applying SNI. So here, we are offering our SNI application services to help your company to get SNI Certificate.

Our services are:

As your Representative to Represent and behalf of your company in Indonesia also involve in SNI Certification process, it's can be open become wider purpose of business by additional Agreement

To help you to set up company preparation before Apply SNI:

To choose right Certification Body (CB) to make sure they have scope relevant with your products to avoid brokerage and high cost ( one CB transfers your product to another CB)

To act behalf of your company to ask Certification Body to issue time frame and follow up Certification Progress and represent you in Indonesia to avoid language obstacle during communication.see step by step SNI Marking Application 

Notice :

Overseas companies must be represented by an Indonesian company, by using Foreign Consultant company is not allowed by regulation, please contact us directly not throught your service agent, because the Service Agent also will contact us to help them.

:If your company represented by your Importer, when they did not buy your products anymore , the certificate cannot be used for other Importer

We do all of jobs (A to Z) in Indonesia side and the Manufacturer only waiting for factory is audited and Certificate granted.

Certification Cost approximate US$ 5,500 to 25,000 depend on your product's categories and numbers of your product's brand excluded auditors accommodation during factory audited 

The Products can be handled are :

Passenger Cars Tyre, Truck and Bus Tyre, Light Truck Tyre, Motorcycle Tyre, Tube, Steel, Plugs and Socket Outlet, Household and Similar Electrical Appliances (Fans, Electric Irons, Air Conditioner), Switches, Self-Ballast Lamps, Ballast for Lamp, Glasses, Helmet, MCB,Tile,Water Closet, Natural Gas Cylinder, LPG Valve and hoses,Stove, Wheat Flour,Battery, Rims , Alloy Wheel, Pipe PE, Agriculture Equipment, Fertilizer,Bicycle,Toys, etc.

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Notice : We provide services only for Manufacturer, Producer, Trader, Exporter, Importer,

 The Overseas Certification Agency are not welcome.

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